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Internet and Telephone

15.01.11 Internet Access and Landline Phone
Because I haven’t got internet access and the few times I have logged on I’ve been unable to access my blog, some of these entries will be posted all together. I’ll do my best to put them in date order but the date I wrote them will appear at the top in case of confusion, so you can see when I wrote it. Hope that makes sense!
We are working on internet access at home and should have this sorted in the next month or so. In the meanwhile, as I am without childcare (something else I am working on!) I can’t easily get to an internet café. My blogposts and email replies are therefore limited to the weekend when we might go to a restaurant or hotel with wifi. And even then I don’t particularly want to spend hours on the laptop!
So apologies in advance for erratic replies and communication generally. We do have a landline telephone and our number is 01 544172. I can’t remember the country code for Myanmar and I’m sure it’s a minimum of around 18p a minute, but DO check International Call Checker which you can access via Martins Money Tips, if not via Google (in the UK at least). You can also make calls via Skype of course (you’ll still pay but it’s cheaper) and if you prefer to talk for free, Pete is often online at work; his Skype name is alfredsdad (and I’m alfredsmum)! We are six and a half hours ahead of the UK. We’re about 6 hours behind Australia, depending on which state you are in.
You are very welcome to call and do remember that the phone lines here can be erratic so don’t give up. You may hear an engaged tone even if we’re not engaged for example.
If all this sounds too complicated then do please keep the emails coming as they are very much appreciated, even if we aren’t able to reply at once!


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