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School Nurse and School Dinners

The School Nurse rang me recently. Alfie’s height and weight had been flagged up during her first visit, last year during P1. He was then on the 99th centile for both, so she had requested another appointment and was calling me with the results. She was inordinately relieved to hear that we were well aware… Continue reading School Nurse and School Dinners

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The Nit Kit

Well it finally happened – we got the nits innit? I’m surprised it’s taken so long but perhaps sending the boys to a prep school has its advantages after all? Of course being naïve about nits poor old Oscar had an itchy head for weeks*. My first thought was head lice but every time I… Continue reading The Nit Kit

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Couch to 5k

Have you done the Couch to 5k running programme yet? I can’t recommend it enough. There are now a myriad of apps but I first found the podcasts via the NHS website. It takes you from being a non-runner in Week 1, to running 5k (about half an hour) by Week 9. It is genius! It… Continue reading Couch to 5k

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The Paediatric Dietitian

We had a visit from Andrea McDougall a couple of weeks ago, a clinical specialist and Paediatric Dietitian. We were referred to her by Dr Christie because I was becoming increasingly concerned about Alfie’s weight gain. He’s always been a big boy and tall for his age, but in the last six months he has… Continue reading The Paediatric Dietitian

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I love sleep, who doesn't?  As I get olderI notice more and more what  a difference it makes in my life.  A good night's sleep is like gold; sets me up for a productive day, restores my sense of humour and enables me to deal with the kids in a more present,  less distracted, way.… Continue reading Sleep

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The Marvellous Dr Christie

Here is an update on Alfie and his terrible cough, as posted here.  This is what happened that very afternoon!  I should mention that he hasn't coughed a speck since.  Not once at all.  Quite mystifying but a great relief! At the Ulster Independent Clinic Dr Sharon Christie takes charge and immediately a battery of tests… Continue reading The Marvellous Dr Christie

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Start as you mean to go on … Week 1

So healthwise I started the year by being sick, naturally. Having spent Christmas coughing up gak and feeling very wheezy and out of breath (‘just a virus’!) I went to bed early on New Year’s Eve, in preparation for our skiing holiday. Whilst watching The Sound of Music on New Year’s Day I started feeling… Continue reading Start as you mean to go on … Week 1

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How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk is a book by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, which I can highly recommend. I do like their style and easy to digest approach to parenting. They have also written the very excellent Siblings Without Rivalry, but that’s for another post. Having… Continue reading Magic

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Alfie’s Nursery

Alfie’s Nursery So Alfie has completed his second week at the spectacular Network Nursery and today for the first time I was able to drop him off and pick him up. I couldn’t get him home! He loves the place and the best thing for me is that I get loads of feedback from the… Continue reading Alfie’s Nursery

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Toys We Like

15.09.2011 Toys We Like As it was Alfie’s 2nd birthday yesterday and people were very kindly asking what kind of toys he likes, I had a little think about it and came up with this list. Not that this is a request for gifts! Just something to remind us what he’s playing with most these… Continue reading Toys We Like