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Connection and Vulnerability

Brene Brown on Vulnerability Great talk by Brene Brown on the importance of vulnerability in our connections with each other. I liked it so much I went on to Amazon to check out her books too! Some of the comments on the TED site are also worth reading. Enjoy! I hope this works -… Continue reading Connection and Vulnerability

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Cheap Shoes

20.01.12 Cheap Shoes Do you remember that (UK) advert with Denise Van Outen breaking her heels? She goes into an old lady’s house and I have no idea what product they were advertising but it ends with Denise waving a cheery goodbye while the old lady says to a starstruck young man “I know what… Continue reading Cheap Shoes

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C-section Review

20.01.12 C Section Review I’m bloody mad with my obstetrician. He’s made a complete mess of my caesarean scar. The last one settled into a nice silver line and he was supposed to carve me up in the exact same way. But for some reason he kind of veered off and one end and not… Continue reading C-section Review

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Ten Things to Do in Yangon

Ten Tourist Things to Do in Yangon With a mind to having guests here in the upcoming dry season (though in fairness baby’s arrival has rather put paid to a lot of planned visits, Nov – Mar being the optimal time to be here and us being in Thailand Dec – Feb) I’ve begun thinking… Continue reading Ten Things to Do in Yangon

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Food Shopping

Shopping (from about Feb 2011) I’ve just been food shopping and realise I must jot down some observations before it all becomes too commonplace. I love foreign supermarkets wherever I go but City Mart is certainly an eye-opener. And it is the one supermarket chain geared towards expats. Fruit is like the opposite to home,… Continue reading Food Shopping

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One Night In Bangkok

Well, it was actually 5 nights in all; 2 days all to myself then the boys joined me for the weekend. And oh, it was lovely. Just to be back in ‘civilisation’ was a relief and I spent the first day shopping. All day. And so the second day was spent lounging by the pool,… Continue reading One Night In Bangkok

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Cultural Differences

20.05.2011 Cultural Differences One of the most difficult things to get used to here is that to a Burmese person, delivering bad news is considered very bad form indeed. So much so, that they will go to any lengths to avoid it, even outright lies if necessary. This is hard work for a Western brain… Continue reading Cultural Differences

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Chronicles of Burma

08.05.2011 Chronicles of Burma This book is HIGHLY recommended! If you are at all interested in Burma and what it is like living here you MUST read Guy Delisle’s Chronicles of Burma. He is a Canadian animator who came to live here when his wife got a job with an NGO. They had a son… Continue reading Chronicles of Burma

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The Hash

03.04.2011 The Hash You may have heard of the Hash House Harriers. Or, like me, have no idea that they are the world’s largest sporting club. With no members. Eh? Well, it’s like this. Some guys (Brits in Malaysia I think) got to thinking that they wanted to be able to carry on their favourite… Continue reading The Hash

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Thailand Beach Holiday

14.04.2011 Thailand Beach Holiday Thailand looked beautiful as we hopped on the first of two ferries on our way to Klong Dao Beach on the island of Koh Lanta. Well, what I could see of it through the driving rain which only intensified the further we got on our journey. A neat 12-hour door-to-door trip;… Continue reading Thailand Beach Holiday