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School Nurse and School Dinners

The School Nurse rang me recently. Alfie’s height and weight had been flagged up during her first visit, last year during P1. He was then on the 99th centile for both, so she had requested another appointment and was calling me with the results. She was inordinately relieved to hear that we were well aware… Continue reading School Nurse and School Dinners

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Mental Health Awareness

Did you realise this week is Mental Health Awareness Week? Well for starters go and check out the very excellent Jeremy Vine programme on BBC Radio 2. Each day Jeremy is talking about a different topic, such as self harm, anorexia and bipolar disorder. This particular clip is about depression. Now I am totally biased because… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness

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Couch to 5k

Have you done the Couch to 5k running programme yet? I can’t recommend it enough. There are now a myriad of apps but I first found the podcasts via the NHS website. It takes you from being a non-runner in Week 1, to running 5k (about half an hour) by Week 9. It is genius! It… Continue reading Couch to 5k

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The Paediatric Dietitian

We had a visit from Andrea McDougall a couple of weeks ago, a clinical specialist and Paediatric Dietitian. We were referred to her by Dr Christie because I was becoming increasingly concerned about Alfie’s weight gain. He’s always been a big boy and tall for his age, but in the last six months he has… Continue reading The Paediatric Dietitian

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The Marvellous Dr Christie

Here is an update on Alfie and his terrible cough, as posted here.  This is what happened that very afternoon!  I should mention that he hasn't coughed a speck since.  Not once at all.  Quite mystifying but a great relief! At the Ulster Independent Clinic Dr Sharon Christie takes charge and immediately a battery of tests… Continue reading The Marvellous Dr Christie

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Apex Clinic

God but they’re brilliant. I’m so fragile I can’t even push the door open* and reason that it must be locked (I’m not thinking straight, unsurprisingly). The nice lady opens the door for me and I tiptoe in, all zombie-brained and twisted like a rope and contemplate sitting down but feel it will be too… Continue reading Apex Clinic

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Start as you mean to go on … Week 1

So healthwise I started the year by being sick, naturally. Having spent Christmas coughing up gak and feeling very wheezy and out of breath (‘just a virus’!) I went to bed early on New Year’s Eve, in preparation for our skiing holiday. Whilst watching The Sound of Music on New Year’s Day I started feeling… Continue reading Start as you mean to go on … Week 1

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Cases of Dengue will always rise during the rainy season, but the vector does live year round and thus you are always at risk. So here are some reminders. What is it? Dengue is a nasty flu-like illness caused by a virus, and spread by an infected mosquito having a blood meal off you. The… Continue reading Dengue

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Tummy Bugs

Tummy Bugs Whether a short-term visitor or long-term resident, you won’t get away without a few bouts of upset tummy whilst in Yangon.  Some are more sensitive than others but it will take time for your gut to become accustomed to its new surroundings and bacteria, and your physical health will be compromised by the… Continue reading Tummy Bugs