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School Nurse and School Dinners

The School Nurse rang me recently. Alfie’s height and weight had been flagged up during her first visit, last year during P1. He was then on the 99th centile for both, so she had requested another appointment and was calling me with the results. She was inordinately relieved to hear that we were well aware… Continue reading School Nurse and School Dinners

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Mother Knows Best

My mum came to stay last week and it was lovely on so many levels. Being a single mum is hard and going back to work at the same time makes life pretty tough. When one is busy ‘getting on with it’ one forgets how the smallest things can make the biggest difference. Even having… Continue reading Mother Knows Best

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Meal Planning; first attempt (Week 3)

So who knew that meal planning could save your life? I mean, no kidding, it will help you save money, save time, lose weight AND be super healthy, plus make your children extra intelligent, polite and mega sleep monsters. OK, I exaggerate a wee bit… But seriously though, I do need to lose weight, I… Continue reading Meal Planning; first attempt (Week 3)