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Oscar’s Heart Murmur

Last June we took Oscar to the docs for yet another infernal infection, poor mite, and during the routine check of ears, throat, lungs etc the doctor found a heart murmur. That moment is etched in my heart forever. All the clichés came true in one fell swoop. Time stood still. It felt like an… Continue reading Oscar’s Heart Murmur

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Couch to 5k

Have you done the Couch to 5k running programme yet? I can’t recommend it enough. There are now a myriad of apps but I first found the podcasts via the NHS website. It takes you from being a non-runner in Week 1, to running 5k (about half an hour) by Week 9. It is genius! It… Continue reading Couch to 5k

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Meal Planning; first attempt (Week 3)

So who knew that meal planning could save your life? I mean, no kidding, it will help you save money, save time, lose weight AND be super healthy, plus make your children extra intelligent, polite and mega sleep monsters. OK, I exaggerate a wee bit… But seriously though, I do need to lose weight, I… Continue reading Meal Planning; first attempt (Week 3)